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4 Week FitPress Lift at Home Gym Plan

A 4-week gym plan for you to do at home (or in the gym) by Melissa Press and a Generic Easy to follow the meal plan to kickstart your journey to lifting. Enough cardio and burpees. Time to lift weights, all you need is dumbbells.

Both light and a heavy pair would be best. A light pair: anything from 3kg – 5 kg
A heavy pair: anything from 7kg to 15kg. Be prepared to lift, rest, repeat. Make sure you have some killer tunes, put your headphones on, and get down to business. The meal plan consists of 5 meals. There are different options for each meal for you to mix and match to create your own meal plan according to your required calories for each day (you will be shown how to work that out). If you want to see your body shape change, ditch the cardio for weight training


Once successfully completing this challenge, you will have implemented healthy and positive lifestyle choices and are on the way to a new and happy you.

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