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Do you criticize yourself more often than not? When you look in the mirror are you instantly drawn to the things you are insecure about?

YOU choose your thoughts, your influence and your criteria!!! No one else!! YOU.

The happiest and healthiest people create their criteria based on their unique features. We all have our own unique and beautiful features.

I will never have a thigh gap for instance (unless I almost starved myself, then maybe) but not sure how happy and healthy I would be.

If you think you need to be a size XXS then that is YOUR criteria, remember you have created a beauty standard that YOU think the ideal look is, when in fact it’s based on your own criteria you have made in your head.

We need to notice our thoughts, especially as women, and draw our self back to more positive thinking instead of being critical and “fixing” ourselves.

Sometimes we have to accept and LOVE ourselves instead of trying to “fit” a certain image we have created according to our own thoughts (our inner critic).

Embrace your body type, embrace your muscles, embrace your sexi curves, and if you got a thigh gap some girls love it and some may not - just embrace it too .

You can always work on improving the above but trying to improve a poor body image and loving yourself is the first step .

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