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Stop Bullying Your Body By Under Eating!

Your body looks best when it is healthy and when you treat it well❤️Not when it is starved.

Being skinny is not going to make you happy. The main concern is your behaviour and attitude towards food and your relationship with food not your weight on the scale. The number on the scale is just a number that no one else gets to see but yourself. Yes, we use it as a measure of weight loss/gain but this obsession with daily weighing and cutting out food groups, starving or only eating ‘good’ foods then binging at night or on weekends needs to stop.

I hardly ever weigh myself, because at the moment it doesn’t matter what the scale says. If you don’t deprive your body of anything and don’t class food into ‘good and bad’, exercise regularly and make it a way of life then you don’t have to worry.

Its physically and mentally draining living in this culture of following stupid diet trends, under-eating or trying to be a size that your body doesn’t want to be or shouldn’t be.

You cannot gain muscle while in a calorie deficit, so to achieve that ‘toned body’ you have to feed the body. You also cannot train at your best level and can’t gain strength while under eating, and you cannot be the healthiest version of yourself by snacking on foods that have no nutrients, under eating and starving yourself.

Food is not the enemy we need to develop a healthy relationship with food and enjoy all foods (not just fish and egg whites) in moderation 🙌 🍗 🐟 🍅 🌽

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