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Sore Muscles after training?

DOMS – Sore Muscles after training. If your muscles are sore the next day after a workout, is that a great indicator of an amazing workout?

Not exactly, you don’t have to have muscle soreness the next day to have had a power workout.

DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) does not indicate an effective workout.

Your muscles can be sore from a number of different reasons such as dehydration, poor recovery from a previous training session, lack of sleep or rest, not warming up properly before overloading your body, different muscles getting used to a new training plan.

DOMS isn’t the best indicator of an amazing workout session. Progression in the session tells you way more NOT MUSCLE SORENESS. Are you getting stronger? Are you getting fitter? How is your mood while training? How is your posture?

When you train you need to increase either the intensity / endurance / strength of your next session. To get improve your fitness or get stronger you need to recover from your workout. If you don’t recover and your DOMS is so severe that you’re taxing your central nervous system, you are not going to get stronger you are rather going to regress.

So, get a training program that focuses on progressive overload so that you constantly challenging your body, but not pushing it to the point of suffering days of DOMS.

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