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This includes personalized meal planning and training, where I will look at your diet specifically as well as your exercises to target your areas of concern. I will check in with you on a weekly basis on progress and we will adapt your program according to your results every week. You get access to my App, where you will receive your customized training program, and meal and supplementation plan by me. We will keep in contact via the app (this is handy for exercise swaps, info, advice, food swaps, or any info you need at that moment). One on one face to face training session (either over ZOOM or in the gym) where I will train you and you go over form and intensity/tempo, training equipment, and any queries you have when you train alone.


1x live FitPress fitness session per week (my live FitPress sessions are 45mins, they include HIIT and boxercise, they are great to burn calories and used as a fantastic form of cardio, you can join 1 a week) You get to upload your progress pics on the app (no one else will see them) to stay accountable and for us to track progress. I am here to coach, guide, and support you through this insane magical journey.


There is nothing more rewarding than seeing changes in your body through consistency and effort. All levels are welcome for me to coach you through.

R1850 per month
**Package R1500 per month when you commit to 3 months**

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