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Welcome! I am so excited to create you a nutrition plan, designed specifically for your needs and to help you reach your goals. Please complete this form to help me better understand your ambitions,
typical diet, lifestyle and preferences. Remember — there is no such thing as “too much
information” here. The honest information you provide will help me create an amazing plan
that you will love! All information shared will be kept strictly confidential. Please note that I am
not a dietician but rather have experience through Functional Nutrition teachings and most
importantly experience of working with all different body types and situations within the fitness
industry. If there is a more complicated medical condition, I will refer you to a dietician. As a
WBFF bikini fitness Pro I have been through the extremity of diet and on the other side of the
spectrum I am a mom and have a family to run so I try find the balance. In saying that you
have to give up something to make way for another, so you will have to make a few sacrifices
in the process of achieving your goal. I will always live by my mantra “consistency is the
secret”. Don’t quite after 4weeks or don’t fall off the bandwagon if you have one ‘bad day’, get
right back on and carry on until you start to see results and prove it to yourself that YOU CAN!

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